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Presumably everyone knows the plank by now. It wasn't long ago that all fitness trainers started talking about it, and the internet and social networks appeared on the internet and social networks with plans and forms to perform a "bar" every day. Let's figure out how to do this properly? How to develop a curriculum and what practical results can be achieved from it.

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Most people have the misconception that a month of planks will get you in perfect shape. Let's see what can really be achieved by doing this, which is certainly a useful exercise. But we warn you right away - this article is purely exploratory. This is not a call to action. Only an expert can tell you how to lose weight properly and what methods to use for it.

Plank for Weight Loss - Best Exercise for the Whole Body

The barbell is an isometric exercise that provides static strength loads to the muscles of the abdomen and body. During its implementation, pressure, the area between the shoulder blades and the lower back, the forearms, the thighs, and the buttocks are all affected. It is presented in various options for the complexity of execution, suitable for both beginners and professional athletes.

Planks work well as part of a complex, along with other exercises targeting problem areas. Before that, you'll definitely need to do some warm-ups, followed by stretching.

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What is a plank?

The plank is an exercise that works the rectus abdominis and obliques. It has several different options, which differ in the complexity of the execution and the areas that come into play in the process.

This exercise is very popular in the fitness industry. It is part of a variety of complex functional exercises. Its varieties show up in yoga classes, Pilates.

Types of planks

  • classic - straight arm;
  • Classic - at the elbow;
  • side;
  • distortion;
  • push ups;
  • Extend your arm or leg.

There are many execution options. New ideas keep popping up, complicating the classic version. But for those who are losing weight, other things matter - is it possible to shed excess pounds in this way, does this exercise help remove the stomach and sides.

Does it help with weight loss?

Planks are a great strength exercise that works your abdominal muscles. It effectively resolves them and helps strengthen them. But for weight loss, it's not the calorie deficit that matters: you need to spend more than you eat.

To burn tons of calories, you have to hold a barbell all day! Therefore, it is not worth hoping that she will burn off the kilograms she has accumulated over the years.

But bars can, and even should, be part of a comprehensive physical exercise program, combined with proper nutrition, and sophisticated group psychotherapy to correct eating habits.

The benefits of planks

Planks are a great functional workout that doesn't require special equipment, gym clothes, or a lot of space. Almost everyone can do it. In addition, it has many other advantages:

  • minimum time to complete;
  • No need to go to the gym, you can do it at home;
  • It can also be done after eating, and there is no need to eat certain foods before and after training;
  • There are few contraindications;
  • Improve overall health, motor coordination.

Exercise is good for building muscle, but it's not possible to lose weight.


As you practice, you need to listen to your own feelings. If you feel discomfort somewhere, such as joint or muscle pain, you should stop immediately and wait for your condition to fully stabilize. If pain persists, you should consult a specialist, it may be a squeeze or sprain.

In addition, bars are prohibited in the following cases:

  • Spinal injury, disc displacement, hernia;
  • hypertension;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • postoperative period;
  • Have an acute inflammatory disease during a cold or flu.

Be careful especially when exercising, it must be a girl during menstruation. Tension in the abdominal muscles can cause cramping, pain, or increased bleeding. Planks are also not recommended for pregnant women or women who have recently given birth.


As mentioned earlier, planks are an exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the body. Proper, regular exercise helps to tighten the torso and make it more prominent. Efficiency, results are highly dependent on the following factors:

  • Regularity: You need to do a bar workout at least 3 times a week;
  • Number of methods: It is best to combine different types of straps for a complete workout;
  • Correct execution and strict adherence to technology;
  • Proper nutrition, healthy sleep, daily routine, correct eating habits - without these, the bar will not have any effect.

If you do planks regularly for at least 30 days, you will notice the first results. Often the condition of the skin changes: it becomes smoother and healthier and, therefore, gives the general impression of weight loss.

how long to lay

The best time is chosen individually. For the unprepared, 10 seconds is enough, while athletes can take up to 10 minutes. What happens to the body over time:

  • For the first 20-30 seconds, there is a feeling of tension that grows every second. At the same time, the blood circulation in the working area is increased and the oxygen supply is active. For all this, the body burns about 5 calories. For beginners, this is enough.
  • A minute later, there is a warm feeling, a slight trembling. It seems that the muscles are "clogged", they become dense, stony. Usually at this stage, people give up because they don't want to endure discomfort or pain at all.
  • Three minutes later, the "second wind" turned on. The pain and discomfort subsided slightly, and the body got used to the load. At this stage, it's best to stop and start over - the training will be more effective.
  • Holding the bar for more than 10 minutes is not recommended - it can damage muscle fibers.

Most fitness trainers believe that doing several 30-second repetitions is better than defending for 3-4 minutes at a time. So the body doesn't have time to adapt to the load, to adapt. Each new method is a new test for him, more and more difficult to cope with.

class rules

Classes must be regular. It's best to spend a few minutes on the bar at the end of your morning workout, when your body has warmed up and is ready to carry the weight.

If you cannot complete the number of methods required by the program at once, you can divide the class into two parts: one for the exercises, and one for 2-3 hours after dinner, shortly before bedtime. If a workout is also offered in the evening, preferably she also includes the bar.

If there is no progress in the normal class, pay attention to the following points:

  • Intensity of load: If the body is used to regular exercise, not only can increase the time, but also try a harder version, thus controlling the process;
  • Wrong technology. In the next paragraph of the article, we will consider the correct order, typical mistakes of beginners.

The main thing to understand is that it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the training.

how to do it right

The execution technique is as follows:

  • feet shoulder-width apart;
  • The elbow is strictly below the shoulder joint;
  • Look down at the fingers, with the neck straight;
  • The stomach is pulled in and the lower back is not curved;
  • Legs, abdominal muscles and arms are tense.

The name of the exercise describes the technique: the torso should extend in a straight line - the barbell. There should be no folds anywhere.

At first glance, the execution technique seems straightforward. However, mistakes do happen, especially for beginners. The most common are the following:

  • The pelvis is above the head. In this position, the load is redistributed to the muscles of the arm and forearm. At the same time, the shoulder joint feels discomfort.
  • Deflect the neck and lift the head. When training the barbell, you need to look down at your fingers. As you move your gaze forward, the neck develops a deflection and the load on the cervical spine increases. This is especially dangerous for people with osteochondrosis.
  • The elbows are set too wide. It is not easy to maintain balance in this state. Increased load on the back muscles, shoulder joints and elbows. All of these can lead to injury.
  • Lower back deflection. When exercising, it is necessary to monitor the position of the body. It should be straight, like a plank, like a rope. Otherwise, lower back pain may occur.

You can't hurt yourself if the plank does it wrong. So you shouldn't chase the added time, it's better to keep it ten seconds, but right.

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for newbies

For beginners, just 4-5 minutes per workout per day should be enough. This time is enough to get used to the load and prepare for other, more difficult exercises.

Beginners can use the following programs:

a way delivery time
first 10-30 seconds
second 30-45 seconds
third 30-45 seconds
fourth 10-30 seconds

If there is still strength after one lap, you can repeat about 2-3 times. This workout can be done in the morning and evening.

The most important thing is to develop a habit and make exercise regular.


The male procedure is a bit more difficult than the beginner and female procedure. It involves the use of multiple types of planks in one complex, maximizing the study of the body's muscles. Due to the natural features of the body, strong arms and back, representatives of the stronger sex are generally able to hold the desired posture for longer periods of time.

Men's plans may include the following types of straps:

  • classical;
  • side;
  • Alternately lift arms and legs;
  • with weight.

For each method, a separate version of it. A method has a duration of 45 to 60 seconds. Men can complete about 3-5 laps in one workout.

for women

Therefore, biologically speaking, the excess weight in women is mainly concentrated in the abdomen and buttocks. Because of what, fairness has a lot of complex, lack of self-confidence and beauty. To correct this, they go on strict diets and torture their bodies with intense exercise.

But, in fact, you can lose weight without strict dietary restrictions. It's worth changing habits, the excess weight will go away on its own. But old, harmful occupations must be replaced by new, healthy occupations. As an option - exercise regularly, including bars.

A women's plan might look like this:

  • close to one - classic plank on straight arm or elbow;
  • The second method - landscape (left side);
  • The third method - landscape (right side);
  • Fourth method - again the classic straight arm or elbow.

For best results, you'll want to make about three of these circles. The duration of each approach is 30-40 seconds.

Flat Body Sculpting

The main benefit of doing planks on a regular basis is strengthening your core. The body changes visually, becoming stronger and more toned.

In addition, if executed properly, it can also bring the following benefits:

  • strengthening the back muscles, which is especially important for sedentary people (office workers, school children, students, pensioners);
  • Relief of neck and spine pain - plank exercises are often included in physical therapy exercises prescribed by a doctor;
  • Increase stamina, because it is not easy to stand on a flat plate for a long time, muscle tension, tremors, you need to overwhelm yourself to defend the correct time;
  • Improve blood circulation and actively provide oxygen to cells;
  • Mood Enhancement - During any physical activity, the production of hormones, including dopamine and serotonin, is activated.

plank options

Let's take a closer look at some basic plank options.


Suitable for beginners - classic. It is recommended to master it first, it allows you to remember the technique, as well as understand which muscles are involved in the work and how your body responds to it.

Beginners can do simplified options:

  • Spread your legs out a bit, but make sure the load isn't transferred to your shoulders and forearms;
  • perform on straight arms, not elbows;
  • Do it for less time, but increase their number.

Advanced athletes can try harder options:

  • perform while standing on elbows;
  • feet together, heels together;
  • increase the duration of a method;
  • use leg weights;
  • Do push-ups in the middle.

It is important to choose a complex based on how you feel. That way it won't be considered torture and it's more comfortable to do it every time.

side panel

The side plank is performed while standing on one arm. At the same time, the work mainly includes the outer muscles of the abdomen and waist. Hold for at least 15 seconds on each side.

During the execution, you need to make sure that your body is extending in a straight line. The pelvic area should not sag, and the shoulder joint is severely uncomfortable. Beginners are best done on straight arms and advanced on elbows.

You can complicate the options by using weights for your legs and dumbbells for your arms. It would be very difficult to hover in this position statically.

plank with limb stretch

Once you've mastered the classic version, you can move on to complications. To do this, use the lever with your hands removed. People called her "Superman". Take the usual exercise position and raise one arm directly in front of you or slightly to the side. Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds.

You can further complicate the exercise by tearing off the left arm and right leg at the same time. And then vice versa. This exercise works great on the muscles of the back, arms, and abs.

As with the other options, the main thing is to follow the technique, not forgetting that the entire body should extend in one line.

30 days or so bar show

There are many different programs available on the Internet. One of the most popular is "30 Days of Bar". Its main condition is to challenge yourself, practice every day, increase your time, whatever. Such a plan is designed for 30 days as follows:

day time in seconds day time in seconds
one 10 16 120
2 10 17 120
3 twenty eighteen 120
4 twenty 19 150
Fives thirty twenty 150
6 thirty twenty one 150
7 40 twenty two 180
8 40 twenty three 180
Nine Fifty twenty four 210
10 Fifty 25 210
eleven Fifty 26 240
12 60 27 240
13 60 28 270
fourteen 90 29 270
15 90 thirty 300

This routine will help the body adapt to a new load.

weight loss board for beginners, table

A monthly plan for beginners might look like this:

day time in seconds day time in seconds
one twenty 16 rest
2 25 17 60
3 25 eighteen 65
4 thirty 19 70
Fives thirty twenty 65
6 35 twenty one 70
7 35 twenty two 80
8 rest twenty three 80
Nine 35 twenty four rest
10 40 25 90
eleven 40 26 90
12 45 27 95
13 Fifty 28 95
fourteen Fifty 29 one hundred
15 60 thirty one hundred

The suggested program can be changed by yourself, adding 5-10 seconds per day.

Expert Opinion

On the Internet, you can find many reviews and photos of the "Before and After" series. You shouldn't trust them because a good result is based on a lot of work, not just making bars.